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That fatty area under the chin is often a sore spot for many of us. Stubborn belly fat can be exercised away, and flabby arms can be toned with some dumbbell curls, but a double chin? – we can’t think of an exercise. That’s because there isn’t a regimen designed to target our neck or chin areas. No, for proper double chin reduction, turning to professionals seems to be the only real solution.

While plastic surgery is certainly a sculpting option, this method can leave you bedridden for weeks if not months! That’s not to mention the potential for scarring either. But how do you avoid the scalpel and get the beautiful results you want? The answer is SculpSure®. This amazing device can deliver excellent profile-sculpting results with little if any, downtime and no surgery whatsoever.

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Beautifully Sculpted Results With Little Downtime

One of the major benefits of SculpSure® is that double chin treatments can be done pretty quickly. Roughly 25 minutes are needed per session as opposed to a surgery that could take several hours. These sessions are quite effective in contouring your look too. Studies have shown that sessions with SculpSure® can eliminate up to 24% of your targeted fat cells, which, once destroyed, are flushed out by your system.

Submental treatments can help reduce the size and shape of your double chin thereby improving the contour of your face from all angles. Though some soreness can be expected after a session, you are otherwise free to leave and go about the rest of your day. Two sessions spaced six weeks apart are usually needed to achieve the best results, but these contouring results are permanent!

Improve Your Confidence and Feel Beautiful Again

The SculpSure® procedure involves the use of an applicator being placed on the treatment site. Once placed, the device will emit laser light energy and heat up your under-chin fat. Most describe feeling a tingling sensation over the course of this process. Thankfully, no additional steps will be necessary. There are no injections, no cutting, and most importantly no general anesthesia.

This method is an excellent choice for improving your confidence. Many who give this method a shot feel satisfied and motivated to continue their workout regimens. For added help, you may even want to consider sculpting other areas of your body as well!

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