How Does a Double Chin Form?

Learn how a double chin forms and the world of difference that SculpSure® submental treatments can make. Schedule in Whittier, CA.

People come in all shapes and sizes. While certain parts of our bodies are under our control, other aspects can be entirely due to genetics. A double chin or the formation of submental fat falls somewhere in the middle. This issue plagues many of the patients we see here at Vita Aesthetics & Wellness. If you’re among them, we have your answers.

How does a double chin form? – below are the main reasons why a double chin occurs and a bit of info on how we can reduce it. If you have a double chin, read on to find out how one non-invasive treatment can make all the difference in the shape of your profile.

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The Genetics of The Double Chin

Let’s begin by discussing a common double chin cause that is outside our control – genetics. The fact is that some people are prone to storing fat under their chins, and there is little that can be done to prevent that from happening. The key genetic factors that play into this are facial structure and water retention.

People with weak chins and recessive jawlines are susceptible to greater submental fat storage and more sagging in that area with age. While this may make the situation seem hopeless, there are non-invasive methods of easing stubborn fat caused by genetics.

The Natural Aging Process

Another factor that contributes to the formation of a double chin is natural aging. Unfortunately, this is a process that we can’t stop – and combining this with a genetic predisposition could spell disaster.

Particularly after age 30, our production of collagen and elastin slows down. This leads to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. The last part, sagging, can manifest in the formation of a double chin. Some people opt for a surgical procedure when this happens. However, that isn’t the only option.

Poor Diet and Exercise Habits

We can’t exactly exercise double chin fat away. However, regular exercise can stave off the excess storage of fat that leads to this issue. Moreover, a poor diet can make stubborn fat a whole body issue, and as we all know, once you’ve put on the pounds, they can be much harder to burn off.

In this case, as with the others, a non-surgical option for submental fat can serve as a godsend. Introducing SculpSure®, the revolutionary treatment that can contour your profile and help you correct both lifestyle and genetic effects.

SculpSure® for Double Chin Fat Removal

SculpSure® is a cutting-edge treatment that uses non-invasive laser technology to destroy fat cells and help you keep them off for good. This device features a special submental fat attachment that allows us to specifically target that troublesome fat under your chin.

Treatments with this device are easy. You will simply relax while the device goes to work. People report feeling a warm, tingling sensation during treatments. Each session can eliminate up to 24% of targeted fat cells, which, once destroyed, are flushed out by your system in the ensuing weeks. Submental treatments can help reduce the size and shape of your double chin, thereby improving the contour of your face from all angles.

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