Lesser Known Facts About Dermal Fillers

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Everyone knows that dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM® are a great option for treating facial volume loss. A simple injection is often all it takes to give you 12-18 months of beautiful, plump skin. However, there are a few interesting truths about fillers that are rarely talked about, even to this day.

Here at Vita Aesthetics & Wellness, we believe in keeping our patients well-informed. Even if you’ve already made the decision to come in for an injection, more knowledge is always better. Below are a few facts to tickle your brain and increase your cosmetic treatment knowledge. For more information, get in touch with our Whittier team today.

Dermal Fillers Have Been Around for Over 100 Years!

You would think that dermal fillers were invented recently, but actually, these injectable treatments have been around since the 1800s. The first dermal filler formula was invented by an Austrian surgeon named Robert Gersuny.

Gersuny experimented with paraffin wax and mineral oil, which gave his patients the facial fullness they wanted, but at the cost of severe side effects. Thankfully, dermal filler formulas have changed substantially since then, even to the point of incorporating natural ingredients.

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Fillers Can Contain Natural and Synthetic Ingredients

Few are aware of what is actually contained within a dermal filler injection. Popular injectables like Sculptra® and Radiesse® are made of synthetic formulas. Compounds like polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA), liquid silicone, and calcium hydroxylapatite are all synthetic and in high use. These compounds are not broken down by the body and therefore offer semi-permanent results when injected.

Fillers like JUVÉDERM® rely on naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. This substance is created by your body and was FDA-approved for use in injectable treatments back in 2003. Bovine and human-derived collagen fillers, as well as fillers that use your own fat, are natural as well and have had approval since the 1980s.

While natural formulas don’t last as long as their synthetic counterparts, roughly 12 months of beautiful, plump skin is nothing to scoff at!

Even Synthetic Dermal Fillers Are Tough to Over-do

One of the biggest fears that patients have when it comes to dermal filler injections is looking “overdone.” No one wants to look puffy and fake after a procedure. Thankfully, avoiding this kind of complication is actually pretty straightforward.

As a general rule of thumb, you only need one injection per decade of your life. So, if you’re 30, three injections are plenty to help you look beautiful. Anything beyond that risks a venture into overdone territory. Of course, when it comes to these kinds of procedures, nothing beats the expertise of a trained medical professional.

Where Can I Safely Get Dermal Fillers Done?

One of the worst things you can do to your body is getting treatment from an unqualified individual, let alone performing injections yourself. These days, it seems that everyone is offering dermal fillers, but few are truly qualified to deliver safe, beautiful results.

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