Meet Our New Nurse, Laura!

Recently, we sat down with the newest member of the Vita Aesthetics & Wellness family, Laura, to ask a few questions to get to know her better.

Recently, we sat down with the newest member of the Vita Aesthetics & Wellness family, Laura, to ask a few questions to get to know her better. We are so excited to have Laura on our team!

Q: What is your role at Vita Aesthetics & Wellness?

Laura: I am an Aesthetic Nurse Injector.

Q: What is your background with regard to medical aesthetics?

Laura: I got into the world of aesthetics by chance. After completing a bedside nursing assignment in 2015, I contemplated a new work opportunity soon after running across an ad offering a position in plastic surgery. 

I really didn’t know exactly what it entailed but I knew it had to be completely different in comparison to what I’ve been doing so far–that and combining the world of beauty into the equation meant I needed to find out by giving it a try.

This all required new knowledge, dedication and skill–a challenge I was eagerly looking forward to tackling. 

After the first couple of weeks, I knew I had found my niche. The satisfaction felt from seeing someone’s face light up while looking at a mirror just after receiving treatment is utterly indescribable, particularly when the person has gone through a period of self-neglect due to never-ending life demands. 

From that moment on, my exciting journey into the world of aesthetic nursing commenced.

Q: Which treatments will you provide/assist with?

Laura: As of now, mainly injectables; such as neurotoxins like BOTOX®, fillers, and Sculptra. Also, PRP with microneedling for improved skin quality and texture, plus fat reduction treatments. 

We hope to bring on even more services very soon!

Q: Do you have a favorite treatment?

Laura: My favorite is any treatment that best addresses the needs of a particular patient. For example, if I have a patient in their 40s experiencing facial fat loss and some wrinkles, fillers and BOTOX® can provide significant improvement to volume loss and wrinkles. So in that case, I will say fillers are my favorite treatment for that person. Whereas if I see a young person with beautiful features who is marked with acne scarring, several sessions of microneedling can significantly improve their skin texture. In that case, I will say my favorite treatment is microneedling.

Personally for myself, I feel that my current needs are leaning more towards anti-aging, so I will prefer collagen producing treatments like Sculptra or Microneedling with PRP.

My ‘favorite’ will always change depending on whom I see.

Q: What attracted you to Vita Aesthetics & Wellness?

Laura: A few things, really:

1) It was an opportunity to collaborate in the growth of this newly established medspa. The plastic surgery center I joined back in 2015 was just starting out, so I figured, wouldn’t it be fun to do this all over once again!? I enjoy meeting new faces to assess their needs, as well as giving patients my most sincere recommendation while considering their budget and expectations.. 

2) The reviews from previous staff! Reading reviews from past employees who shared nothing but gratitude while working at Vita gave me that extra boost of confidence to know that this must be a professional and caring workplace that benefits not only staff, but the patients under their care as well. I just felt so right about this! I felt that I must be in good hands.

3) Vita is a Latino family-run business. As a Latina myself, I understood the core values shared amongst our family members who seek to progress in unity. Also, my experience in working with the unique needs and preference of Spanish-only speakers from a cultural perspective makes this almost a second-nature environment when serving a community with a high latino population.

Q: Why should people come to Vita for treatments?

Laura: If looking like the best version of yourself for the age you are in sounds attractive, then we can definitely help you. Our aim is to provide natural-looking results!

Q: What should patients know before coming in for a consultation?

Laura: I will instinctively assess your face as a whole as you walk in. No judgment–it’s a force of habit! That being said, I will scan for what makes you unique and beautiful while simultaneously looking for areas of potential.

What this means is that during a consultation, recommendations are based on what I feel will work toward your best interests, while respecting your natural harmony. My goal is to make you continue to look like yourself in the most restored and youthful way possible, appropriate for your age if signs of aging are the problem. 

If you come in for lip enhancement, for example, but I feel something is off balance, like a weak chin, I will let you know that your chin needs more love than your lips at the moment.

Many people come in for one thing but do not realize how something else might be a bigger priority. Regardless, it’s my purpose to educate and be able to work out a plan that you’ll  agree with as well.

I almost forgot to mention, please arrive with no makeup! I need to see a clean canvas for me to work my magic!

Q: When you aren’t at Vita, what do you like to do in your free time?

Laura: I enjoy catching up on a book while sipping on a fresh cup of coffee with my dog on my lap and a cozy blanket! Watching a good documentary on Netflix is definitely my thing, too. I also love comedy, from stand-up, to memes, to Tiktoks, then sharing with friends because humor keeps us bonded and serves as a caring gesture, too, in my opinion.

I especially enjoy spending time with my family. Typically, that usually includes just my mom and dog, as the other members are typically too busy with their own lives and responsibilities. Plus, she’s at an age where every moment spent together is so much more meaningful and valuable to me. 

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