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Has 2020 got you down? All that quarantine has made exercise much more difficult to maintain. At Vita Aesthetics & Wellness, we want to help you sculpt and tone for 2021 with our amazing SculpSure® Body Contouring procedures! While most people simply opt for a surgical treatment for getting rid of stubborn belly fat, this new device can give you excellent results without downtime.

Still not convinced? Here are four benefits of choosing SculpSure® Body Contouring as your next stubborn fat reduction option. If you’re struggling with the appearance of fat on your stomach, waist, arms, or legs, number three may be especially enlightening!

FDA-Cleared and 100% Safe!

Let’s face it, many products out on the market today are being used without proper approval from the Food and Drug Administration. SculpSure® by Cynosure is different. This body contouring device has undergone a tremendous amount of research and clinical study before being approved and released for use. The latest clinical studies can attest to the safety and efficacy of this body sculpting laser treatment.

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Little to No Downtime!

One of the main reasons many are apprehensive about getting liposuction surgery is the extensive downtime required post-procedure. While going under the knife can yield more dramatic results, having to deal with that recovery period can take a serious toll! If your goal is to simply get rid of stubborn baby fat, SculpSure® may be an excellent choice. Though some mild side effects such as temporary tenderness, swelling, and tissue firmness may occur, virtually no bed rest is required after a body contouring session!

Great Results, Fast!

A major benefit of choosing SculpSure® over other fat reduction systems is the relatively short treatment time. A typical session usually lasts only 25 minutes! Once the targeted stubborn fat areas have been treated, the fat stored within them is reduced, providing long-lasting results. After the treatment, the fat buildup will slow or even stop in the treated area, allowing for easier weight regulation. Most patients require a series of treatments to achieve the best outcome. Results can be seen about six weeks after treatment, with optimal results typically seen at 12 weeks.

Fat is Gone for Good!

SculpSure® works in conjunction with your lymphatic system when eliminating fat cells from your body. This means that the fat cells treated with this method are permanently destroyed and removed from your system naturally. Best of all, they will not regenerate! So long as significant weight gain is not experienced after your visit, you should be able to maintain your treatment results for the long haul!

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