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Love handles are perhaps the toughest areas of our bodies to sculpt! The appearance of these stubborn fat bulges around the waist is enough to make anyone feel self-conscious. Adopting a rigorous exercise routine is certainly an excellent option. However, getting a bit of a sculpting boost may not be such a bad idea. Time and time again, SculpSure® has proven to be an effective treatment to shed those extra pounds and help people look the way they want.

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How Do Love Handles Form?

The real underlying cause of stubborn fat around the waste is fat retention. The phenomenon occurs when we eat too many calories, but can also happen in greater amounts as we age. Working out serves as a good solution but is often not enough for those of us who have accumulated a lot of weight.

Love handles appear as bulges of fat around the waistline. These fat deposits can make it difficult to buckle your pants and may protrude above your belt. While their visual appearance is in and of itself unpleasant, carrying excess weight can also take a toll on your long-term health. Carrying too much excess fat can cause complications from diabetes to heart disease. 

SculpSure® Body Contouring for Love Handles

The SculpSure® device is specifically designed to address pockets of stubborn fat around specific parts of the body. These are areas such as the love handles that take a while to tone, often causing a lot of people to become discouraged during their weight loss journeys.

Effectively treating love handles with a Sculpsure® device spans two treatment sessions and provides results in approximately twelve weeks! After your treatments, the fat buildup will slow or even stop in the treated area altogether, allowing for easier weight regulation. Best of all, these treatments can take as little as 25 minutes each and do not require any downtime.

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