The Facts Behind SculpSure® Body Contouring

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Committing to a life of fitness is easier said than done! If you’re like most, you probably have trouble committing to weekend plans, let alone an entire lifestyle change. Even worse, if you’ve started on your fitness journey, you may have found that results don’t appear overnight. You’re a month in, two months in, three months in, and still, the changes in your body are far too subtle to notice. So, you’ve decided to search for the best body contouring solutions and found SculpSure®.

Of course, learning about the device is only half the battle. Trying an aesthetic procedure for the first time can raise a lot of questions. Most importantly, is SculpSure® effective? People are quick to call it the “non-invasive alternative to surgery,” but does it truly live up to the hype? We’re staffed by experts here at Vita Aesthetics & Wellness, and we’re not shy of doing our research before introducing new treatments. Below is some of the info we uncovered about SculpSure® that can hopefully give you more to think about.

If you’re already well-informed, why not give it a try? Our Whittier office offers expert body contouring solutions to help you sculpt those stubborn fat areas into shape! Get in touch today to test SculpSure® firsthand and see if the results match up to the hype.

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Body Contouring: The Result Is Actual Fat Loss

Let’s be honest, with liposuction having such a long-standing reputation, it’s hard to believe that a non-invasive treatment can help us get rid of fat. You’re right to be skeptical, given how new this technology is and the many promises it appears to make. 

However, the proof of SculpSure®’s effectiveness lies in the data. According to the clinical studies cited on the device’s official website, up to 24% of fat cells can be destroyed in a treated area thanks to this device. That’s a big deal considering that SculpSure® doesn’t require any invasive procedures and little, if any, downtime after treatment.

SculpSure® Body Contouring’s Effectiveness is Visible

Numbers are one thing, but what about the visuals? Having less fat on your body doesn’t necessarily translate to a slimmer figure. Those who have attempted to slim down by traditional means can attest to this. Therefore, the question becomes, are SculpSure® results actually visible on the body?

Well, a 2016 study published in The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology sought to test just that. 76 subjects were recruited for this SculpSure® study and divided into two groups. One group was given an abdominal treatment and the other was given a flank treatment. The goal was to compare photos of these areas before the treatment and 12 weeks after the treatment. 

When comparing the before and after results, the reviewers were able to identify the “before” photographs of the abdomen with 95% accuracy, while the flank was identified with 90.3% accuracy. This suggested a significant visual difference in the areas before and after the procedure. Mind you, that’s after only one SculpSure® session!

Treatments Are Safe When Done Properly

As with all medical devices, the research behind non-invasive body contouring is ongoing. Newer and more frequent trials give insight into how these devices can be improved to give you the best results with the least amount of risk. Recently, a 2018 study was conducted to review body contouring techniques as a whole.

SculpSure® is a diode laser treatment, which makes it different from cryolipolysis and ultrasound systems. For diode lasers, results have been shown to appear more quickly, with the added benefit of having fewer side effects than the other contouring methods. The study concludes that these procedures are safe but that they should be performed by trained experts for the best outcome.

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