Tips for Staying Lean After SculpSure®

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You’ve just completed your last SculpSure® session at Vita Aesthetics, congratulations! But, now what? While these body contouring treatments serve as a great means of creating a slimmer, more contoured shape, staying lean can’t last without maintenance!

Maintaining your post-treatment results involves making the necessary lifestyle changes to keep your body looking beautiful for the long-haul. Exercise, diet, and supplementation should all be considered after achieving your sculpting results. Below are some of our recommendations to help you stay in shape well after your last visit!

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Hydration is Essential for Staying Lean

Many of us often underestimate the importance of proper hydration. Our daily bouts of fatigue, irritation, and even hunger can often come as a result of our inadequate water intake. After a SculpSure® session, drinking water becomes all the more important. 

Indeed, staying lean and staying hydrated should always go hand-in-hand. Drinking eight glasses of ice-cold water per day after each of your treatment sessions is of the utmost importance. Proper water intake helps your body excrete damaged fat cells more quickly along with helping you curb excessive food cravings. Additionally, drinking ice cold water can help you burn some extra calories as your body must use energy to warm the water up once it’s ingested.

Staying Lean Through Exercise is the Way to Go

Exercise is the best method for both losing weight and keeping it off. While SculpSure® is not a weight-loss tool, the maintenance of a regular exercise routine is very important for keeping stubborn fat off your body post-treatment. Unlike surgery, SculpSure® results in little, if any downtime. This means that you can typically start an exercise program the day after a treatment session!

We recommend leaning into a new workout so long as you’re not sore after your SculpSure® treatment. By developing a system that works for you and maintaining it, you will not only stay lean but improve your overall health as well. Regular exercise has been shown to stave off heart disease, diabetes, and other health complications.

A Short Massage Can go a Long Way

The expulsion of fat cells from your body may be an automatic process, but helping it along can give you greater results. Performing a gentle massage after your SculpSure® sessions can help your body ease the damaged cells out much faster than normal. Moreover, the added relaxation provided by regular massages can curb stress eating and aid you in staying lean.

A New Diet, a New Lifestyle

People who struggle with their weight sometimes mistake SculpSure® as a “miracle cure.” While this treatment can help you shed stubborn fat in selected areas, it is not a weight-loss tool and it does not serve as a free pass to maintain bad dietary habits!

In order to maintain your results and stay true to your weight loss goals, we urge you to adjust your lifestyle. Avoiding fast food, processed meals, and snacks will stop you from packing on the pounds. Moreover, we advise you to decrease or remove flour from your diet and lean more into protein, greens, and fruits. Most importantly, minimizing alcoholic drinks will help you stay slim and lean after your sculpting procedure.

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