Tips to Avoid Stubborn Fat

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Most diets are based on the simple principle of calories in, calories out. By taking in fewer calories, you should be able to lose weight, right? In theory, this makes sense, but the practice is a whole other matter. Stubborn fat can develop even in those who diet and exercise; why is that?

There is no simple answer. The stubborn fat on your body is based on several factors. Genetics, hormones, and even gender all play a role in the amount of fat your body retains. The good news is that getting rid of this fat doesn’t have to involve surgery. Here at Vita Aesthetics & Wellness, we offer the amazing SculpSure® body contouring system.

This device can reduce stubborn fat in targeted areas of your body. These areas include your arms, legs, abdomen, waist, and more. That said, SculpSure® is a contouring device, not a weight-loss tool. So, if you’re worried about stubborn fat and wondering what you can do to avoid it, we have some tips to keep you slim.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

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It’s no secret that sugar is bad for your health. When a lot of sugar enters your system, your liver gets overloaded with fructose and is forced to store it as fat. The bad news is that it often stores the fat in less than flattering areas!

One of the best ways of limiting your sugar intake is cutting back on sugary drinks. Soda, in particular, has little-to-no nutritional value and instead loads your body with glucose and fructose. Juices and sweetened tea can have a big impact on your stubborn fat storage as well.

Cut Carbs for Less Stubborn Fat

Carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta and bread have become staples of the modern diet. Sometimes, people even forgo meat in favor of beans or noodles. While carbs may seem like a good alternative to fatty food, studies have shown the opposite to be true.

Studies published in reputable academic journals, such as Wiley, have shown that people actually lose more weight by cutting carbs instead of fat from their diets.

Decreasing your carbohydrate intake can reduce appetite, water weight and even improve your health. Those living with Type 2 diabetes can see an improvement in their energy levels and overall quality of life once carbs are tapered down.

Add More Protein

If you’ve begun an exercise program to lose weight, adding more protein to your diet can give you a boost! According to a study published in BMC/BioMed Central, eating more and better protein leads to less abdominal fat over time. Whole eggs, fish, legumes, meat, dairy, and nuts are the staples of a protein-rich diet. But for those who need a bit extra, a quality protein supplement can work wonders.

If you are already exercising and eating protein yet still not seeing the results you want, SculpSure® may be a good option. As a supplement to proper diet and exercise, ScupSure® can help reduce fat in select areas without surgery and little-to-no downtime post-procedure.

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