What To Do After SculpSure® Body Contouring

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The idea of eliminating stubborn fat without surgery can be quite enticing. With SculpSure® Body Contouring, all you have to do is come in for your appointment and relax while the device does all the work. The process is easy, takes little time, and has been shown to deliver results. Still, certain questions regarding the aftermath of the treatment do persist. Often, we’re asked about situations and aftercare that patients are curious about.

Below are some frequently asked questions we encounter following a SculpSure® session. These questions and their answers are specific but do not cover every body contouring base. If you are curious about the procedure and what you can expect after your visit, contact our Vita Aesthetics & Wellness team today. SculpSure® can be genuinely transformative – with the right team by your side. We can provide the care and support you need to achieve your desired potential.

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Massage and Exercise After SculpSure®

Experiencing soreness and some bruising is common after a SculpSure® session. So, it’s understandable for you to be reluctant to touch the newly treated area and to limit your movement. However, gentle massages and some light exercises may actually help you break down the newly treated fatty tissue and enhance your results. Through careful movement, you can distribute the treated fat evenly and prevent stubborn fat areas from forming.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy for Long-term Results

Some people make the mistake of thinking that SculpSure® is all they need to achieve their goals. Not true; this and other non-surgical body contouring devices should be thought of as supplements to active weight loss efforts. The people who benefit most from these treatments are those who exercise regularly and eat healthily. Therefore, if you’ve just had a SculpSure® session, it’s not yet time for a break! You need to remember to drink plenty of fluids and maintain your dietary regimen to ensure you reap the greatest benefits from this treatment.

Yes, It is Okay to Fly After SculpSure®

Many feel concerned about flying after a body contouring procedure. This makes sense since deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is dangerous after surgery. When you fly after surgery, you increase your risk of developing a potentially fatal blood clot. This is due to being stationary for a long time on a plane. However, body contouring is different. This procedure is not surgical and therefore poses no risk of blood clots due to flying. At most, you may feel a bit uncomfortable on a plane due to soreness, but flying is otherwise perfectly safe.

Yes, You Can Drink Alcohol After SculpSure®

Staying hydrated is recommended after SculpSure® to ensure you get the best results. While excessive amounts of alcohol are never a good idea, having a cocktail after a body contouring procedure is perfectly fine so long as you don’t dehydrate your body. Moreover, alcohol can impact your skin sensitivity, so you should exercise caution and not go overboard because your skin may be particularly tender after your treatment.

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